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For over 90 decades, Kirby Vacuum Cleaners are marketed through in-home presentations by a licensed Kirby salesman. It’s the only way that you are able to buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner and also keep its guarantee.

The appearance of this Kirby vacuum is unmistakable.

Matters like the accession of TechDrive Variable Power Assist has made vacuuming nearly simple; Kirby’s patented tote system, ranked HEPA 11, filters over 99 percent of particles as small as.3 microns including home pollutants; the simple power unit currently has a more powerful, stronger enthusiast, redesigned with the support of NASA.

Kirby’s full lineup of Home Care Products provides accessories, tools, and cleaning materials that can handle tough cleaning issues on carpeting, upholstered furniture, appliances, and other hard surface areas. Whether you’re fighting dust, mould, germs, allergens, stains, or stagnant scents, the Kirby Company has a product made to satisfy your toughest obstacle.

According to CRI, "The CRI Indoor Air Quality Green Label Testing Program describes cleaners which do all 3 jobs nicely: removes dirt; comprises dust inside the filtration bag along with the system itself, effectively keeping it from the atmosphere; and doesn’t harm the carpet and helps maintain its look looking great. "

Be mindful that the Kirby Company believes any of the vacuums bought at retail shops, or online, as new and are not covered by the Kirby Factory Warranty or Rebuild Plan.

Kirby Sentria.

Kirby Ultimate G.

The Ultimate G integrates Kirby’s most recent technology to handle all your cleaning tasks.

My mom owned a Kirby for about 20 decades and never had a issue with it. 3 years back Kirby showed up in my door and did a demonstration and I bought it. Beyond need to purchase replacement bags and two belts that are dirt cheap my Kirby has conducted perfect. I’ll acknowledge their beginning price is large, but to get a lifetime guarantee and for how powerful it’s I wouldn’t’ve changed anything regarding my purchase.

The Vacuum is hefty but with the brand new power-drive that goes the Vacuum to you personally it is not evident unless you want to wash the staircase. Dyson could be more economical but it won’t last 50 decades.

I bought a Kirby, such as others, my Mom had one, also it appeared have lasted a life. But reminiscing about the fantastic old times and the fact will certainly put you back a few tens of thousands dollars, I guarantee you that’s not buyers repent, it was a dumb buy, one I expect the readers won’t create. Even w/ the technology push, this baby is thick, don’t use it on measures, you may throw out your back, permanently & seeking to alter the accessories, is somewhat tougher. I lost count of how many times I have seen the movie, trusting I would finally become skillful, well naturally I’m gonna need to review it , I got off this thing and I could ‘t get it back , simply to use an attachment you must be a muscle jump engineer. I wish I knew then what I know today, the deal to clean my rugs would have been fulfilled w/ a resounding loudly shout of NO!

I bought a Kirby sentria vacuum a year ago when my son had been attempting to sell them. . . . He returns calls. . I needed to have my cable replaced took it into the vacuum sales and support centre though it includes a lifetime guarantee. . I guess I want to check in my novel for who I will get back to replace it free the cable cost me 35 plus tax. . No additional issues. . . I’m delighted with it but it was pricey it will continue so I figure I’ll wind up with my moneys worth. . Just want the salesman was dependable or may get a great one. .

The Kirby may ‘t really be compared to some other cleaner since it’s so a lot more sophisticated than anything else on the market these days. If you would like to waste your vacuum and electricity along with your orecks and dysons, replacing them annually. . .then proceed, they simply pick up surface grime and emit a lot of allergens back into the atmosphere. They’ve a life time guarantee and will last you 20-30 decades, so damn correct their pricey.

I purchased an Oreck Platinum using a 27 year guarantee for 700 dollars and it just picks up dirt. I vacuum over precisely the exact same place with my brand new Kirby also it finds dirt that the Oreck would not pick up. Purchase only 1 vacuum to your entire life.

Finest thing I ever did was catch you! I hate when folks write about how they despise when the sales folks come in their house, I LOVED HOW THEY SHOWED ME ALL THE DIRT ECT. . Wasn’t picking up! Along with the mattress was amazing I will never use any additional vacuum ! Theirs no contrast! It’s saved me tens of thousands of dollars from replacing my rugs, stairs and receiving my carpets shampooed the list continues on and on…. Thank you kirby!

I Bought a Kirby Sentra. It’s a really good vacuum. They pick up a great deal of dirt which nothing compares to whatsoever. The downward fall would need to be the cost of it defiantly. Nonetheless, this is something which you’ll need to get a lifetime. It’s American made, which can be uncommon. I believe that the best feature on it’s that it’s varied it is possible to use it on almost any floor and there’s an attachment for this. You may also get your furniture with it. Formerly I have a vacuum cleaner which did only carpet then I needed to purchase something to use on the staircase and small areas and then some thing for my hard flooring. This is similar to an all in you can also shampoo . It’s really simple to push I must maintain my three year old from it. As soon as you turn it on and place in driveway she wishes to take it on.

Over priced and difficult to use.If you’re an older individual save your cash and find a cheaper lighter vacuum cleaner which it is possible to handle..The attachments are tough to use,you’ve got to acquire book out to perform some shift .Hire that a shampoo your carpeting and furniture you’ll be pleased that you did..Enjoy your period traveling,love your Kids and Grandkids,overlook about the significant cleaning.

Our expertise using a Kirby was short, but I think we have a fantastic idea of its value. We had a Kirby salesman visit our residence. The suction is undoubtedly more than any vacuum cleaner Ive used. We’re both engineers, so I really did my very best to be certain that the demonstration wasn’t a setup to con us. Together with the entire metallic chassis, I feel the stories online of 25 yr old Kirbys. We purchased it in the end. We used it for a day, moving over places that had been washed recently and seeing just how inadequate our old vacuum cleaner was. Only then did we realize that because we had been constructing a new home, we ought to think about a central vac rather to add value to the home, so we returned . I think we’d have retained the Kirby in case the situation was somewhat different.

I used to market Kirby’s and I have always possessed. After I moved into a new home that just purchased an electrolux. I vacuumed with vacuum and then together with the Kirby. Having a new home you wouldn’t feel there could be much dirt. However, the Kirby did pull on alot of stuff up. Largely parts of timber and debri the carpeting was put over. It pull on the material through the carpeting but didn’t damage the carpeting. I was astonished and also the owner wanted he could reunite his electrolux.

I was amazed as hell if a Kirby sales staff shoed up at our door! I presumed door to door vacuum earnings was a dead art. Anyhow, following the demonstration, and a few competitive salemanship, we exchanged at the Dyson and purchased the Sentria. We’d known for decades the Kirby, such as the first E’Lux, Rainbow, FilterQueen, Compact, has been a strong and long-lasting unit, however the 1300 sales cost gave us a buyers remorse, before we started using it. This is going to be the final vacuum we’ll purchase.

Besides a faulty switch on the powerhead fixed free of cost, the Sentria has functioned perfectly. Our rugs are cleaner and feel better, the flooring are clean… yes, it’s hefty, but well made and simple to use. It picks up dirt and retains in in the HEPA tote. . .since it functions really well, we undergo a bag approximately once per month. Plus it does a fantastic job on the matresses, you really sleep after its been vacuumed.

The shampoo attachment was catchy at first, but after it had been set up, it did a fantastic job of our downstairs rugs.

After 4 decades, we’ve got no regrets, a few broken bits: I stepped on the hose and shattered it; the couch attachment which got chewed up by the dog; however it works wonderful. Now I understand the older ones retained their vacuums for several decades, even outliving them in some situations, to be passed down and rebuilt. Try this using a Dyson.

Disadvantages? Yes, somewhat heavy, the closest factory authorized service centre isn’t nearby, totes, and components, must be ordered straight from Kirby. And you’ll undergo a few hoses at the system ‘s lifetime.

I’ve got 3 cats and 3 haired dogs along with the kirby goes on through everything without any troubles in any way. People today whine of it’s difficult to change them since they’re simply to lazy to get it done. I won’t ever need to get another vacuum! I wash my carpets with it about twice a month and it cleans well… I vacuum after daily and fill a bag every 2 weeks but after I understand my carpeting it clean when it wants a new bag two weeks. I don’t have any complaints about the device and I would suggest it.

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